Clinical Pocket Reference for Orthopaedic Nurses

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Readership: Nurses caring for orthopaedic patients; nurse educators in orthopaedic departments of hospitals; nurses joining the orthopaedic team.

Key features and benefits:

  • Essential guide to management of orthopaedic patient
  • Rapid access to key information in portable durable format (print or eBook)
  • Promotes safe, confident nursing, best practice and an holistic approach
  • Universal reference tool


Specialist orthopaedic contributions include:
9.1 Spinal cord injury care
9.2 Principals and application of skin traction
9.3 Common childhood orthopaedic conditions
9.4 Compartment syndrome
9.5 Venous thromboembolism


This exceptionally useful and popular resource has been adapted and updated by the team of nurse educators from the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital London for use by nurses caring for orthopaedic patients. New sections have been added covering: principles and application of skin traction; spinal cord injury care; common childhood orthopaedic conditions; compartment syndrome; VTE. Sections on pressure ulcer risk and sepsis have been renewed.

Nurses caring for orthopaedic patients, and the rest of the team on the orthopaedic ward, will find this an invaluable reference at all times. Nurse educators in the field will find this a useful teaching tool with students on clinical placement and orthopaedic nurse preceptees.

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Bernie Garrett, University of British Colombia, Vancouver, Canada, Paul Ong, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford UK, Paul Galdas, University of York, York, UK, contributors: Jane Macdonald, Amy Bishop, Mary Licup, Allan Seraj, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore, UK




Print: 978-1-908725-07-3
eBook: 978 1 908725 60 8


Spiral bound, laminated, 84pp; charts, tables & line drawings; 160x84mm