Nursing Care of Children and Young People published review

The first review of our new resource has now appeared in Nursing Children and Young People

“This is a welcome addition to nursing children and young people learning resources. It is a pocket sized, wipe clean, mini encyclopaedia of child health. It is well written, by credible experts and logically presented. The contents are applicable to any care setting.

It summarises and presents key salient points, it is admirably up to date and the material is always relevant. The seminal theories of child development are not ignored, and pleasingly mental health and complex needs of the terminally ill children are included. The authors have had the courage to address some of the grey areas in children’s nursing such as consent and the covert administration of medicines.”

Doreen Crawford
Consultant Editor Nursing Children and Young People; nurse advisor with consultancy Crawford Mackenzie
Nursing Care of Children and Young People Volume 31, Number 1, January 2019